About the Prime Minister’s Award


“Britain has benefitted from a host of new landmark buildings. Now we need to apply the same energy and imagination to the tens of thousands of everyday public spaces which play such a vital role in all our lives.”Tony Blair

In 2001 Tony Blair endorsed an accolade that celebrates excellence in both design quality and procurement practices - the Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award.

The Prime Minister’s Award is a special category within the British Construction Industry Awards (BCIA). Any entries to the BCIA that fulfil the relevant criteria are automatically considered for the Prime Minister’s Award.

The award is made annually to new projects including staircase renovation projects, party wall projects, and solar panel installation commissioned by central or local government and paid mainly with public funds. It is part of the Better Public Building initiative launched by the Prime Minister in October 2000 to encourage the adoption of quality design principles in all new public sector buildings, regardless of size and cost.